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BDSM Personal Ads

Your match is our desire

The Pet Post
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All Members
If you are looking for an online or real time pet, or a pet seeking a strong hand then welcome! All related subjects are open to discussion. Feel free to introduce yourself and post your requirements as to your ideal online or real time mate; your match is our desire. Spam will not be tolerated

18+ Only, if there is no age information in your userinfo you will be automatically denied. Your full birthdate (year, month and day) must remain visible on your user-info for as long as you are a member of thepetpost. We randomly check members user-infos for dates of birth, if you remove it we will be forced to remove you.

This community is set for friends only posts on default, content is viewable to members only.

All photos must be under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, please learn.

This is a community for subs, doms, switchs, gay, straight, bisexual and the transgendered. Intolerance is unacceptable, bigots will be shown the door.

Post any of the following and you will be banned and reported: child pornography, sex with minors or beastiality.

Maintained by skip_hunter Any questions or problems, please contact me at your leisure.
aim, anal, anal intrusions, anal training, anonymous sex, arm binders, assaulting the senses, bdsm, begging, behavior modification, being cock-slapped, being watched, belts, bi-sexual, biting, blindfolds, body modification, body worship, bondage, bondage and dominance, boots, breaking in, buttplugs, cages, candle wax, casual sex, cbt, chastity clothespins, choking, cock, cock gags, cock worship, cockwhores, collaring, collars, commands, communication, consensual slavery, control, corsets, crops, cuckolding, dehumanization, dirty talk, discipline, discipline and training, domestic discipline, dominance and submission, e-mail, erotic photography, exhibitionism, female dominance, female supremacy, fetishes, floggers, flogging, forced bisexuality, forced feminization, forced orgasms, fucking, fucksluts, gay, gloves, guilty pleasures, hair pulling, hardcore, homage, hoods, human captivity, human pets, humiliation, id tags, instant messenger, kneeling, latex, learned helplessness, leashes, leather, love, male chastity, male corsets, male dominance, male slaves, male submission, male virgins, marquis de sade, masochism, master/slave, masturbation, men, mind fucking, mind play, mouth whores, nipple clamps, o rings, obedience, objectification, oral service, orgasm control, orgasms, ownership, paddling, pain, perverts, pet play, play rape, porn, primal instincts, punishment, puppy play, respect, restraints, revoking free will, role playing, rough sex, sadism, safe words, sapiosexuality, scenes, secret journals, seduction, sensory deprivation, servitude, sex talk, sex toys, shameful joys, sin and punishment, slave training, spanking, spreader bars, stocks, strait, stranger encounter, strap-ons, submission, subspace, surrender, tattoos, teasing, training, transexuals, trust, voice chat, voyeurism, web cams, whipping, yim